Mark Muyskens

8136 Zenith Drive
Citrus Heights, California

  • .objective

    Commended for reliability and resourcefulness. I am a self-motivated and hard-working individual able to combine patience, determination, and persistence to meet the needs of any situation. I am always happy to assist no matter what the issue is.

  • .education

    Yuba City High School, Yuba City, CA

    Graduated 2006

    Yuba Community College and Sacramento City College

    2006 - 2007

  • .certifications

    01. Dell - Foundation Desktop

    02. Dell - Trusted Advisor for Field Service

    03. Dell - ESD

    04. Dell - Point Of Sales Product

    05. Dell - DSP - Customer Experience

    06. Dell - DSP - On-Site Troubleshooting

  • .experience

    • Technical Support Representative / System Adminstrator /
      1330 21st Street, Suite 203, Sacramento, CA
      May 2009 - Present

      Provide technical support for web hosting customers, server administration, sales, and billing.

    • MobileMe Support Representative
      Apple Computers
      3011 Laguna Blvd., Elk Grove, CA
      August 2008 - October 2008

      Provide technical support for Apple's product, MobileMe, on a tier one level. Troubleshoot basic technical issues with the product and providing cancellations and refunds as requested.

    • IT Manager
      DJW Equipment Sales
      1267 Hwy. 99, Gridley, CA 95948
      January 2008 - August 2008

      Maintain website, networking equipment, and computers. Basic computer repair and setup.

    • Contractor
      2007 - Present

      Maintaining and upgrading Point Of Sales equipment at stores such as Trader Joe's, Staples, and Hallmark, as well as working in their corporate datacenter.

    • Contractor
      Field Solutions / Technician Bureau
      2007 - Present

      Various contract related workorders focusing around installation of new Point of Sales terminals at various stores.

  • .skills

    • Server Administration (Windows / Linux)

      Virtualization (OpenVZ / Xen / KVM / VMware)

      Hardware Replacement


      Windows / Linux OS Troubleshooting

      Spyware/Virus Removal


      Customer Service

      POS Installation/Maintenance


      Active Secret Clearance

  • .projects

    The following are examples of projects that I have been commissioned to develop.
    • Mail Queue Checker

      Mail queue checker is a simple bash script that is ran on a cron every 5 minutes that checks if qmail has over 500 messages in queue. Email notification is sent warning if queue is over this size. If over 500, The hostname and queue size is also passed to a PHP script that sends SMS alerts to a list of numbers provided in the configuration and integrates with Google Voice's API to do so.

    • ModernBill Password Changer

      This script is a simple to use PHP password changer that updates the correct fields in a ModernBill database.

    • Plesk Email Passwords

      This script is a simple to use PHP script that prompts for a domain name, and credentials for Plesk's PSA database. A list of email account passwords is then exported and displayed in plain text for the domain requested.

    • RBL Check Script

      This script is a bash script that is ran on a nightly cron to check a large number of IPs against a large number of blacklists. A single message is then composed that contains a list of any blacklisted IPS and where they are blacklisted at, and is sent via email to a list of email addresses that have been configured.